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Champions of Justice: A Tribute To The Civil Rights Movement

A Tribute I Made For All Who Fought For Freedom So Hard Music: "The John Dunbar Theme" From "Dance With Wolves by John Barry "To The Stars" From The "Dragonheart" Soundtrack "World Trade Center Piano Theme" From the World Trade Center Soundtrack [ voir sur ]

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Dick Gregory: Race, Comedy, and Justice

Its hard to predict whether Dick Gregory will be most celebrated as a path-breaking comedian or a trailblazing civil rights activist. Its impossible to imagine the history of either movement without him—or without his unique blending of the two. In the early 1960s, he became one of the first black comedians to perform before integrated audiences. In 1967, he ran for mayor of Chicago against Richard J. Daley, and a year later for president as the Freedom and Peace Party candidate. The author of and contributor to many politically charged books, Gregory is still a staunch, wry political voice across a range of issues as varied as nutrition, social justice, and the environment. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Laura Washington interviews the provocative and always unpredictable Gregory. [ voir sur ]

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TPMtv: "Black and Bitter"

Your Daily Politics Video Blog: A recent Justice Department report found that John Tanner, the former head of DOJ's voting-rights section, told a colleague he liked his coffee "Mary Frances Berry style -- black and bitter." Berry, an African-American, was at the time the chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights, which works to protect voting rights. This is hardly the only piece of evidence that Tanner -- who it it appears is still on the DOJ payroll, and still working on voting issues -- might not be the best person to be safeguarding Americans' right to vote. See Tanner's record in all its glory. [ voir sur ]

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Federal Court Case Maricopa County Gas Tax $ EEOC Civil Rights Whistle Blowing Freedom of Speech Protected Activity ACLU - EQUAL RIGHTS & JUSTICE

info: Attract Federal Court Case lawyer, more info: EEOC, ACLU Whistleblower gas tax $ employment law, Discrimination, Retaliation Wrongful Termination, Civil Rights, HURF Highway User Revenue Funds, Maricopa Dept.Transportation, MCDOT, Public Safety, Safe Roads & Bridges, equal rights justice, protected activity, misuse of gov funding tax payers money, federal lawyer, Title VII, Section 1983, harassment, improper dealings with government funds THIS IS REAL & NOT A JOKE! THE JOKES & REDICULOUS videos are on youtube's reference link "Related Videos" wrongfully placed near this serious video - LAUGH @ utube's CRASS coarse, crude, gross, insensitive UNCOUTH, VULGARness which is MISLEADING. This in no way diminishes the TRUTH & reference videos that should be related to this video should be about EEOC ACLU gas tax, roads, bridges, & real NEWS! REAL LAWYERS CAN see the real documents. [ voir sur ]

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US Military Rejects The Sikh Identity

Take Action Now: Go to to sign the petition in support of Sikhs' right to serve! The Sikh Coalition defends the rights of two Sikh military recruits and are calling on the US Army to end its ban on turbans. The men, both medical professionals in the Army, are being told that they must remove their religiously-mandated turbans and cut their unshorn hair when they report for active duty this July. Today, we are asking for your help to ensure Sikhs right to serve. Please visit Special thanks to: GNE for providing the use of the track 'Souljas Story' ( and the Sikh Foundation for allowing us to use several images from the book 'Warrior Saints' in this film. [ voir sur ]

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New Jersey Cop beats up Older Black man for standing on the corner.

See my new video here. Below is a link to a site where a group of NYPD cops are plotting to kill me so I can no longer share the truth about police corruption with you. Yet another police beating where a cop will be cleared of all wrong doing despite overwhelming proof he assaulted a civilian for no reason. Violence towards blacks and Latinos is part of police procedure based on what I have seen time and time again. [ voir sur ]

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From the Classroom to the Capitol: The Sikh Coalition

This short film by Kevin Lee provides an inside look at the work of the Sikh Coalition, a community-based organization that fights for civil and human rights. Started in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Sikh Coalition works to create a world in which Sikh may freely practice and enjoy their faith. This documentary includes interviews with Sikh community members who have experienced discrimination or hate violence as well as Sikh Coalition staff members and interns providing a behind the scenes glimpse at the Sikh Civil Rights movement in the United States. [ voir sur ]

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CNN - bush Violated 1st & 4th Amendments, Oath, & Lied

CNN Situation Room - Watch the whole video. The first part has Jeff Tobin (aka legal expert) pushing for Congress to make warrantless wiretaps legal. But then, after that, Jack Cafferty rips Bush a New One and tells it like it is. One must ask why the Controllers are letting the dogs out on bush. Is it to inflame the public to some sort of action that will justify their reaction??? [ voir sur ]

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